Steam OS Install On VirtualBox

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  • SteamOS
  • Virtualbox
  • IsoCreator

Preparing the installation media

Download [SteamOS installer] from the [Steam repository].
Download and install [IsoCreator] from [SourceForge].
Unpack the into an empty directory, and create an ISO image from that directory's content using IsoCreator.

Preparing VirtualBox

Download and install [VirtualBox installer] from the [VirtualBox site].
Create a new 64 bit Debian virtual machine with EFI enabled and add the ISO file as a CD/DVD drive.

Boot and Install

Boot up the machine. If you set everything right, you should see a 2.0 Shell> prompt.
Type FS0:\EFI\BOOT\BOOTX640 into the 2.0 Shell> prompt, and press enter to start the installer.
Select "Automated Install" from the installation menu.